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Motocross Data Logger and Suspension Kit

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Motocross Data Logger and Suspension Kit

The Aim EVO4s Data logger is the new powerful and flexible datalogger, an evolution of the well known EVO4. It maintains the same one connector per channel connection logic, but with a completely redesigned internal electronic board. Aim EVO4s is fully compatible with the last generation of Aim dash/displays and with the new powerful Race Studio 3 software.

Motocross Data Logger/Suspension Kit

A wide range of sources for your data

The EVO4S car racing datalogger samples all the information you need via data coming from your vehicle ECU via CAN, RS232 or K-line, from the internal accelerometers and gyro, from the GPS08 module included in the kit. From analog/digital inputs, external expansions as well as predefined math channels. Sensors can be connected to 5 configurable analog channels, to the RPM input and to 2 wheel speed inputs.

ECU Connection

AiM systems acquire data from the ECU of your vehicle. The list of available ECU drivers, constantly updated and upgraded, is published here. Our Support area includes over 1,000 different ECUs, either Stock and Racing. They are sorted by manufacturer/vehicle model: for each ECU you find the proprietary communication protocols, including the standard OBDII ones. From a hardware point of view, AiM systems manage the following data lines:

  • CAN
  • RS232
  • K-Line
ECU Connection
ECU Connection

GPS08 Module

GPS technology represents a true revolution in racing data acquisition. Now, thanks to GPS08 Module and Race Studio 3 software, as soon as you start your track session you can immediately sample lap and split times as well as speed, position and acceleration… all the information needed for engine tuning as well as for improving your driving technique.

GPS08 is more precise than most of the existing GPS systems, as it has been designed to add to the GPS satellite’s signal the Global Navigation Satellite (Glonass) system’s signal. With an average of almost twenty satellites working in conjunction, GPS08 guarantees a precision and a reliability simply not comparable to the old generation GPS systems

The GPS08 Module included in the Aim EVO4s kit, provides the following information, updated ten times per second:

  • Position (latitude, longitude, altitude)
  • Speed
  • Longitudinal acceleration
  • Lateral acceleration

If Aim EVO4s knows the finish line of the track and the split coordinates, it can calculate and show:

  • Lap Times
  • Split times
GPS08 Module
EVO 4s GPS08 Module


Aim EVO4s Sensors

Many sensors can be connected to Aim EVO4s via:

5 Analog channels with configurable 12 bit 0-5 Volt, 0-500 mV, 0-50 mV inputs or thermocouple input, used to sample data coming from temperature, pressure, suspension and other kinds of sensors.

2 Speed inputs, which allow to monitor the different wheels behavior.

1 RPM input, which manages square wave signals transmitted by the ECU, or pulse signals picked from the coil command (low voltage).

Internal three-axial accelerometer and gyro sensor

Aim EVO4s features a 1 amp at 12 volts digital output. You can configure it in order to turn it on or off depending on the value of the analog or digital inputs, ECU values, expansion values, GPS information or math channels. More info

Internal three-axial accelerometer and gyro sensor

Digital Output

A built-in inertial platform lets you have the most powerful system for understanding oversteering, understeering, banking, etc.

Digital Output pdf

Aim EVO4s CAN Output

With the CAN Output you can send messages directly to an existing CAN network in order to improve the range of vehicle control possibilities.

Expand Your Aim EVO4s as Much As You Need

Connection Examples

EVO5 Connection Examples

Best Way To See Data From Your EVO4s

Connect the EVO4S to the GS-Dash to see your data in real time

Connect the EVO4S the GS-Dash to see our data in real time

Race Studio 3

Race Studio 3 is the heart of your Aim EVO4s, managing all your racing activities. The Race Studio 3 can create, modify, delete, import and export configurations with all channels, ECU drivers, Math channels, Display Pages, Digital outputs, Alarms, Shift Lights and all the expansions you need. You will also be able to manage the map of all your racing tracks and compare two laps watching the video recorded by SmartyCam HD cameras.

Race Studio 3 EVO4s
Race Studio 3

Expand the Motocross EVO4s  System According To Your Needs

EVO4s – GPS Module

Thanks to GPS05 Module (included in the kit) and its GPS Manager software, you can immediately get laptimes and all data needed for engine tuning as well as for improving driving technique

Channel Expansion It permits to add 4 0-5Volt analog channels for pressure, temperature sensors and potentiometers. Two of these channels can be configured to receive digital inputs like wheel speed.

EVO4s – Channel Expansion
It permits to add 4 0-5Volt analog channels for pressure, temperature sensors and potentiometers. Two of these channels can be configured to receive digital inputs like wheel speed.

EVO4s – TC Hub
It adds 4 K thermocouples.

EVO4s – LCU-One Lambda Controller

Wide band Lambda controller LCU-One, with Bosch LSU 4.9 probe, providing all Air/Fuel data, lambda value and exhaust gas temperature, allows to perfectly tune the carburetion.

SmartyCam HD cameras
The on-board cameras that overlays on videos the data sampled by your logger.